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1102 - 15th AVE


Whoever builds a Masjid seeking the love of Allah, Allah will build for him something similar to it in Paradise. "The Messenger of Allah said: Whoever builds a Masjid in which the Name of Allah is remembered, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise." `A'ishah, may Allah be pleased with her, said: "The Messenger of Allah commanded us to build Masjids among the houses, and to clean them and perfume them.''

"The Messenger of Allah said: A man's prayer in congregation is twenty-five times better than his prayer in his house or the marketplace. That is because if he performs Wudu' and does it well, then he goes out to go to the Masjid, and for no other purpose than to pray, he does not take one step but he increases in one level in status and one sin is removed. When he prays, the angels continue sending blessings on him as long as he is in the place where he prays, they say, "O Allah, send blessings on him, O Allah, have mercy on him.'' And he will remain in a state of prayer as long as he is waiting for the prayer."

The following is recorded in the Sunan: Those who walk to the Masjids when it is dark, give them the glad tidings of complete Light on the Day of Resurrection." When entering the Masjid, it is recommended to enter with one's right foot, and to say the supplication recorded in Sahih Al-Bukhari, where it is narrated from `Abdullah bin `Amr that the Messenger of Allah used to say, when he entered the Masjid: "The Messenger of Allah said: When anyone of you enters the Masjid, let him say: O Allah, open the gates of Your mercy for me. And when he comes out, let him say: O Allah, I ask You of Your bounty.''

On behalf of the Cold Lake Islamic Society, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following generous supporters who have donated money to help make the dream of building a mosque to serve the community a reality.

Ajaz Quraishi
President of the Cold Lake Islamic Society